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Human-Centric Ads That Deliver Better Performance

Achieve your ROI with enhanced ads that deliver better performance across our direct and scaled exchange.

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Omnichannel & Omniformat

Top-tier scale in display, video & native on mobile, desktop & CTV.

Quality, Direct Inventory at Scale

One of the most direct & scaled exchanges. Focused on top-quality sites.

Enhancement Technology

Enhanced ad tech that improves performance. Placements that meet strict quality standards.

Omnichannel & Omniformat—

Access Enhanced Ad Products For Any Campaign Strategy

The same banner, video and native ads perform better with Sharethrough than with other exchanges.




Quality, Direct Inventory at Scale—

Gain a Competitive Edge with Increased Directness & Scale

Sharethrough covers 78% of publisher-direct supply with 86% site-direct integrations, which removes the complexity of resold supply found on other exchanges. Reach any audience at scale on top-tier quality sites.




Coverage of Publisher-Direct Supply



of Supply is Publisher-Direct

On Quality Sites

Source: Jounce Media
Enhancement Technology—

Renders Better Performing Display, Video & Native Ads

Our TrueTemplate™ technology automatically renders a better looking ad every time by matching ads to the surrounding content. This enables advertisers to achieve substantial campaign performance improvements using the same standard video and display creative and the same buying workflow they use with standard exchanges.

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New Product—

Sharethrough Introduces Dynamic Video Captions

Stats evidencing the growth of the use of video advertising has pushed us to adapt and expand our offerings to meet this trend. The introduction of Dynamic Video Captions capitalizes on Sharethrough’s commitment to help marketers in this respect; enhancing their campaigns by connecting humans to brands.

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Dynamic Captions

Better comprehension
Higher engagement
Better user experience
Optimized ad recall
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Easy to Execute in Any DSP

With direct integrations in all major DSPs, reaping the benefits of Sharethrough’s Enhanced Exchange is as simple as selecting “Sharethrough” as a supply source the same way you would for any standard banner, video or native campaign.

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